Fair Taxes for Corporations and the Ultra-Wealthy

The following is from the Council of Canadians:

By 9:43 a.m. on Jan 3, CEOs made more than you might all year. Time to fairly tax wealth!

Canada has a history of taxing wealth accumulation in times of intense hardship like the period we are living through now.

As we continue to experience the climate crisis and an escalating cost-of-living crisis, our governments need to step up. We need a transformation of our tax system that breaks the tight grip corporations have on our democratic institutions, and that stops corporate profiteering from utilities, food, and shelter.

Join the Council of Canadians in urging the federal government to implement fair taxes for corporations and the ultra-wealthy to pay for a just transition and address income inequality. Send Finance Minister Freeland a message demanding fair taxes for the ultra-wealthy now!

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