Reasonable Cause to Suspect: A Mother’s Ordeal to Free Her Son from a Kurdish Prison 

March 18, 2024 at
6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
London Muslim Mosque 151 Oxford St. West London, ON N6H 1S3
A Book Launch and Discussion on how Canadian government racism and Islamophobia are preventing the repatriation from Northeast Syria of over two dozen arbitrarily detained Canadian Muslim men, women, and children.

Monday March 18, starting at 6 pm.

London Muslim Mosque, 151 Oxford St. West. Entrance B., Basement Hall.
Free event, all welcome! For those fasting, we will break before magrhib for iftar.

With: Author Sally Lane, whose son Jack Letts has been wrongfully defamed by an inflammatory UK media and illegally held almost 7 years under conditions the UN calls “akin to torture”

Matthew Behrens of Stop Canadian Involvement in Torture, who has worked closely with the targets of Canadian and U.S. “national security” repression for over 25 years.


Background Guantanamo in the Desert – where some 50,000 Muslims are off-shored beyond reach of law & rights, respect & dignity – is in NE Syria. Over two dozen Muslim Canadians – men, women & kids – are illegally detained there under conditions the UN calls akin to torture because Ottawa either refuses to repatriate them or has offered to repatriate children only if they are forcibly separated from their mothers. There is no clean water, nutritious food or proper medical care. The men’s prison cells are packed with bone-thin prisoners, many with amputated limbs.  


Human Rights Watch, The International Committee of the Red Cross, the United Nations, the US State Department, Save the Children, a Canadian Parliamentary Committee, and hundreds of members of the Canadian legal community have all called for repatriation. In January, 2023, a Federal Court judge called on Ottawa to repatriate them, noting: “Canadians are dying or at risk of dying every day this matter is adjourned.”

Over one year later, Canada still refuses, going all the way to the Supreme Court to block their return, thereby participating in the illegal practice of forced exile.Learn more about this pressing human rights issue and how Canadian complicity in arbitrary detention, torture, and violations of a full course of international human rights law stands in sharp contrast to Canada’s image as a feminist, humanitarian global player.