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Since 1957, the London and District Labour Council (LDLC) has stood for social justice, equity, and causes that improve the lives of all, not just union members.

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April 20 Solidarity Rally with PSAC 610

April 21, 2024
Here are some photos from our rally yesterday.
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Canada’s unions are united: Want our votes? Enhance our rights!

April 18, 2024
OTTAWA – Canadian Labour Congress President Bea Bruske was joined by workers’ representatives from across…
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Touchdown! CFLPA joins Canadian Labour Congress

April 18, 2024
OTTAWA – The Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) celebrates today’s affiliation of the Canadian Football League…
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Labour reps discuss election strategy and union momentum

April 17, 2024
OTTAWA–– The Canadian Labour Congress will convene representatives of millions of workers from across Canada…
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Bolder action needed to make life more affordable and tackle corporate greed

April 16, 2024
While Canada’s unions welcome tax fairness measures, investments in housing and the new National School…
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Sustainable Jobs Act passes in House of Commons

April 15, 2024
Canada’s unions are celebrating the passage of the Sustainable Jobs Act, Bill C-50, through the…
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Sign House of Commons Petition e-4754: Keep VIA Rail Public

Petition to the Government of Canada Whereas: Passenger rail is a safe, efficient, sustainable, affordable, and accessible mode of public…

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Tolpuddle Award Nominations

The Tolpuddle Award is presented every May 1st to a retired worker whose Union is affiliated to the London and…

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