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CoC: London Pharmacare Town Hall (with Avi Lewis)

May 17, 2023 at
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
Kenny Theatre, King's College 266 Epworth Avenue London, ON N6A 3X9

The following is from the Council of Canadians:

For years, the Liberal party has been promising to implement pharmacare – a public, universal prescription drug coverage program that would enable people in Canada to get the medicine they need when they need it, not just when they can pay for it.

Public pharmacare would truly be life-changing for more than 3.4 million people in Canada who currently can’t afford to take their medication as prescribed, and the millions more for whom high drug prices are an incredible financial burden.

A year ago, the Liberals and NDP promised to deliver pharmacare legislation by the end of 2023. Since then, Big Pharma and insurance industry lobbyists opposed to pharmacare have met with federal government officials 150 times – about 3 or 4 times per week – and we haven’t seen a pharmacare bill tabled, or any money set aside for pharmacare in the federal budget.

It’s never been clearer to me that the reason the Liberals haven’t implemented pharmacare yet isn’t the cost or the complexity – it’s that this government is representing the pharmaceutical and insurance industry, not people.

Will you help change this?

We’re organizing town halls across the country to spotlight the many, many stories of people struggling with the high cost of medication. As the cost of everything – including medication – continues to climb, communities that have been made vulnerable by capitalism, racism, and other systems of oppression are experiencing heightened levels of stress and pain when it comes to accessing prescription medications.

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