London Labour Day 2022 Springbank Park

Labour Day in London 2022: This is our moment

September 05, 2022 at
12:00 PM - 4:00 PM EST
Springbank Park Site F 1085 Commissioners Road West London, ON N6K4Y6

Dear Friends:

The London and District Labour Council is proud to invite you to the first Labour Day event since the onset of the pandemic.  It has been a challenging time for workers, unions, and communities.  The labour movement in Ontario has fought hard against the unprecedented attacks on workers’ rights, and to ensure the health and safety measures required to keep workers and families safe.  Labour Day plays a critical moment in our movement’s calendar. It represents the coming together of workers to celebrate our collective victories and to continue to advance our efforts to improve the lives of all workers and communities.

The global pandemic has shone a harsh light on society’s inequalities which the labour movement has long fought to address. Our Labour Day 2022 theme is “Forward Together: This is our moment”.  This is a hopeful, inclusive message for all workers that there is a brighter path forward with Canada’s unions and labour activists who fight every day for that better future. This theme highlights what we know will make life better for all Canadians – including calling for better jobs and union rights, better workplace health and safety measures, and to expand and fully fund public services.  Canada’s labour movement has a bold, progressive plan to move forward to position workers at the centre of a just recovery, including for the most vulnerable in our society.  In Ontario, we know that we will be ramping up actions to oppose the Ford government’s multiple attacks on unions and public services, so let’s show our collective power and solidarity on Labour Day 2022.

Please join us to re-connect and re-energize our movement!  Invite members, family and friends as we celebrate the historic accomplishments of unions and the labour movement and enjoy some time together!

In Solidarity,
Patti Dalton
President, London and District Labour Council
OFL Vice-President for Ontario Labour Councils

Sorry, this event has ended.

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