Ford Failed Ontario

May 31, 2022

There is a reason that all conservative candidates across the province have not been at debates or media candidate events. It’s a strategy to ensure that they aren’t held to account for the Ford government’s many failures.

They failed to provide life saving measures for workers and residents in long term care homes, which resulted in over 4,000 resident deaths not only from COVID-19 but also malnutrition and dehydration. The Ford government then legislated to prevent families from being able to legally sue those companies. 

They failed to provide safety and stability in education, with chaotic stops and starts to in class learning, and large class sizes at the worst points in the pandemic, resulting in mass outbreaks for workers and students. 

They failed to provide critical mental health supports to students and communities.

They failed to use billions of dollars from the federal level to help Ontario families suffering across the province, increased by their removal of rent controls.  I have spoken with many people struggling on ODSP and OW, who cannot afford necessities like food, due to high rent costs.  They have told me they feed their kids and go without food themselves. 

The Ford government failed to vote for paid sick days – over twenty times – despite the pandemic risks for workers who could not afford to stay home.  Regarding the minimum wage, research, and the facts from jurisdictions with a higher minimum wage, show that workers use expendable income to improve local economies, contrary to conservative mythmaking.

If the conservatives regain government, it will benefit the wealthy and their corporate cronies, at the expense of the rest of us.  Our out-of-pocket payments will further increase for a range of public services, including basic healthcare costs. 

In my view the clear choice in London is a vote for your NDP MPP, who has been fighting on the issues most important to voters and will ensure fully funded and accessible public services, decent work, and a high quality of life for everyone.   

Patti Dalton
President, London and District Labour Council

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