From TVO CMG Workers

October 29, 2023

The following is from TVO workers, members of the Canada Media Guild:

As our talented team of journalists, producers, content creators, and educators enter the third month of our strike, your signatures are making all the difference in helping to get us a fair deal.

Unfortunately, our bargaining has reached an impasse. Despite pleas from our team for binding arbitration, TVO management continues to hold firm, insisting that this is not an option they will offer us. As a result, we must continue to fight for fair wages and job security.

Because our future is so uncertain, if you have the means to donate to our fund, we’d be very grateful. These funds provide hot lunches to our members on the picket line, help with emergency bills for our team, and ease the financial pressures during an incredibly difficult time. You can use the following like to donate to our fund:

Words truly can’t express how much we appreciate your ongoing support during this time. We hope to be back to producing the quality content Ontarians know and love soon.

Many thanks,

Your friends at TVO’s CMG union

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