OHC mass protest

Londoners Going to Mass Rally Monday Sept 25th to Demand Ford Cease Privatization of Core Hospital Services

September 21, 2023

What: Press conference about London Health Coalition attending Mass Rally to Demand Ford Stop Privatizing Core Hospital Services

Where: Entrance to Citi Plaza London Ontario just west of Dundas and Wellington streets (CBC and London Public Library are just inside)

Who: London Health Coalition announcing plans to attend the Toronto Rally and why it is so important

When: 11 am Thursday Sept 21st.

Why: There has never been a greater attack on public healthcare since the inception of medicare.  We have unprecedented ER closures amid blatant actions of Ford funding private healthcare in violation of the Canada Health Act.  In the background there is the corruption of Ford staffers enriching developers and in this case he is enriching the private sector using public money while underfunding a public healthcare system in crisis.

Private care costs more, has more deaths, worse outcomes, less patient satisfaction, less oversight, will exacerbate the 25,000 nurse shortage, will not improve surgical wait times and will undermine democratic decision making. 

Please join us as we raise the alarm.  Medicare is our birthright. We must act quickly and decisively to defend it.

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