City of London Budget Proposal: Attention All Members of the Community!

June 25, 2024

The following is from Pastor Thomas, CEO of the W.E.A.N. Community Centre:

This Wednesday will be discussed a proposal by Councillors Shawn Lewis and Steve Lehman to cancel not just the Neighbourhood Decision Making Grants, but also the London Community Grants annual Capital & Innovation Grants for the next 3 years !!!!

The urgency and importance of this proposal cannot be overstated. This proposal threatens the entire nonprofit sector and if we remain silent I wouldn’t be surprised if more cuts will be made in the near future.

Can we share that with all our members? The information is posted online and shared on social media channels.

Now is the time to champion community infrastructure, innovation, and engagement: An open letter to Mayor Morgan and all London City Councillors from Pillar CEO Maureen Cassidy

Many of us here are involved with other orgs and groups. Please share this information. Sign the open letter, write to your Councillor, show up at the meeting on June 26!!!Attention 

Pastor Thomas
CEO, W.E.A.N. Community Centre

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