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CoC: Don’t let Big Pharma derail the Pharmacare Act!

May 23, 2024

The following is from the Council of Canadians:

We have a critical moment before us.

The Liberal government’s new pharmacare bill will soon be up for review at the parliamentary health committee, possibly as early as tomorrow morning.

The committee will be inviting expert witnesses to comment on the bill, but there’s one problem: industry-backed talking heads masquerading as “independent experts” are clamoring for a seat at the table.

We can’t let them hijack the legislative process. 
You and I both know that a publicly-funded program that offers universal coverage for prescription drugs would drastically improve the lives of millions of people.

But pharma and insurance giants have orchestrated a sophisticated media misinformation campaign to convince us otherwise.

Our recent exposé revealed how pundits backed by these industries have attacked pharmacare in dozens of op-eds and news stories while posing as independent experts.

Now, these same “experts” are vying for influence as the pharmacare bill gets reviewed.

We can’t allow these industry-backed actors to have any say in our legislative process. We need your help to ensure that independent voices, free from corporate influence, are the ones guiding the policy-making process. 
Write to the members of the Standing Committee on Health and urge them to exclude industry-backed witnesses from the review process.
In solidarity,

Nik Barry-Shaw 
Trade and Privatization Campaigner 
The Council of Canadians

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