From the Frontlines: Workers’ Action Centre Report

May 4, 2022

Throughout the pandemic, workers on the frontlines kept society fed, cared for, clean, and connected while earning low wages in dangerous work without paid sick days or health benefits – often without even the full protection of the Employment Standards Act (ESA).

This new report from the Workers’ Action Centre draws directly from the leadership and experience of workers on the frontlines in low-wage and precarious jobs who are calling for:

  • $20 minimum wage
  • 10 permanent, employer-paid sick days
  • Equal pay for equal work
  • End misclassification and exemptions
  • Just cause protection
  • Decent work for all!

Read and share the new Workers’ Action Centre report: 

With the provincial election officially underway this week, it is an important time to put the issues that matter to workers in our communities on the agenda. Ask the candidates in your riding if they are with us and share your support for decent work on social media using the hashtags #Justice4Workers #ONpoli. To get involved, join the next provincial decent work organizing meeting on Tuesday, May 10 at 7pm. RSVP here.

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