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London Transit Budget

February 6, 2024

The following is from the Council of Canadians London Chapter:

In the Mayor’s Budget, which will be the actual budget after it goes through an amendment process, Mayor Morgan has cut ALL the funding that was in the draft budget to improve service on London Transit.  As the LTC says, here’s what’s at stake:

  • No frequency improvements
  • No service to new areas
  • More crowding on more routes
  • Longer waits
  • Possible elimination of low performing routes

Londoners told the LTC that we want reliable and on-time service, better frequency and more coverage.

Improving transit would get more people to work, school, stores, medical appointments and all the places that we need to go in our daily lives.  It would save the cost of owning a car or paying for ride shares or taxis.  It would mean less road congestion, less air pollution, and fewer greenhouse gas emissions.  Good public transit makes a city more efficient, affordable and green.

When city staff surveyed councillors about their budget priorities seven out of the twelve councillors who responded said that business case P-51, Transit Service Hours Growth, was one of their top five.

London’s property taxes are among the lowest in Ontario.  For decades our infrastructure, transit and libraries have suffered from underfunding.  

Taxes pay for services.  They are how we care for each other.

Write to the mayor and councillors now: mayor@lond
London Chapter 
Council of Canadians

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