Public Service Alliance of Canada

Stand with PSAC 610

April 5, 2024

The following was sent to us by PSAC 610, relating to the Graduate Teaching Assistant unit currently in negotiations with Western University, and on strike alert:


On behalf of PSAC 610 we write to you with a simple request: do not take up any proctoring or marking positions during exam season this year, if our Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) union goes on strike.

The employer (Western University) has not heard our demands, and made it clear they do not take the situation of GTAs seriously. Our members are facing extreme financial hardship and are prepared to withdraw our labour in order to get the raise required to meet the present-day cost of living.

We ask that you do not take up a proctoring and marking position for the employer this exam season.

We ask that you do not cross the picket line and do work reserved for our bargaining unit.

We encourage you to join our picket line in solidarity, if you can.

Our members do not have enough to eat, and face extreme exploitation due to a mixed student/worker status. We are the starving mustangs you never hear about.

Your solidarity is important to us during this time of financial hardship for our members. Therefore, we kindly ask for your support by refraining from taking up any proctoring or marking positions reserved for our bargaining unit during this exam season.

Please forward this email far and wide.

Thank you,
PSAC 610

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