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Support for Affiliate Strike Actions

August 8, 2023

The following is from the Ontario Federation of Labour (OFL):

When workers strike and win, it does more than achieve their demands. It builds their confidence that collective action in the workplace is a real source of power. But it also demonstrates to all other workers, especially non-union workers, the benefits of being in a union and part of the organized labour movement.

The success of the struggles currently underway, therefore, has the potential to expand both the power and size of our movement.

For your ease of access, we have listed below each of the affiliate labour actions currently underway, followed by those about to emerge. This list leads with the longest-standing strikes / lock-outs and ends with the most recent:

·       ACTRA at Institute of Canadian Agencies (locked out since April 26, 2022)

·       SEIU Healthcare Local 1 at Schlegel Villages (campaigning since May 2023)

·       IBEW Local 636 at Hydro Ottawa (on strike since June 28, 2023)

·       USW Local 7135 at National Steel Car (on strike since June 29, 2023)

·       CUPE Local 905.29 at Bradford West Gwillimbury Public Library (on strike since July 21, 2023)

·       CUPE Local 71 at Town of Cochrane (on strike since August 1, 2023)

Each of these strikes or actions is listed on (or is in the process of being added to) the OFL’s Solidarity Actions page.

If any strike or action is missing, please let us know by completing the form on the page and we’ll add it to the list.

In addition, we are closely watching the following labour disputes, some of which could soon lead to strike action:

·       Developmental service workers at Community Living Guelph Wellington (CUPE 4392)

·       City of Sudbury municipal workers (CUPE 4705)

·       City of Hamilton municipal workers (CUPE 5167)

·       TVO media workers (Canadian Media Guild)

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